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The package deal includes everything you need to set up your Optitec Power Mover.


  • The Optitec V3 remote control motor mover
  • The wireless handheld control unit
  • Clamp bracket to attach your Optitec to the drawbar
  • Wheelie bag to keep the unit and accessories all in one place
  • Operator manual
  • Power cables - 2m alligator to Anderson plug - 1m Anderson to Anderson plug.



50-150 adjustable from 50-150mm150OW6
UK- Euro Caravans OW18



  • OW-6 Optitec Compact Double Clamp Bracket – 50 x 150mm,

    Large heavy duty double clamp to suit 150mm chassis of caravans or trailers.  Can fit from 50 x 150mm up to 150 x 150mm. 

    (Alternatively: use OW-15 for 50mm x 150mm chassis)

  • OW-15 Optitec Compact Double Clamp Bracket – 50 x 150mm,OW-15 fits a chassis drawbar of 50mm x 150mm.
  • OW-14 Optitec Compact Double Clamp Bracket – 50 x 100mm to 50 x 130mm, OW-14 fits a chassis drawbar of between 50mm x 100mm up to 50mm x 130mm.

  • OW-18 Optitec Double Clamp Bracket  Alko Chasis , Optitec Euro OW-18 allows you to keep your existing jockey wheel.

Optitec Jockey Wheel Package Deal

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