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The FLASH SCALE is 100% American-made from aircraft-grade aluminum, for exceptional quality, durability, and peace of mind.

The FLASH™ SCALE Ball Mount features an integrated, mechanical tongue scale that measures the tongue weight of your trailer load, providing safer, more confident towing.

When loading a trailer, the tongue weight should be 10-15% of the total trailer weight. The FLASH SCALE makes it easy to know if your trailer is loaded properly by showing how much of the trailer weight is on the tongue. With a properly balanced load, you can enjoy improved steering, better braking control and reduced trailer sway.

Easy height and ball adjustments make it the perfect solution for towing multiple trailers, and the aircraft-grade aluminum gives you unmatched strength and durability. The FLASH SCALE easily handles the heaviest of loads, at about half the weight of comparable steel ball mounts. This makes carrying, adjusting, and installing your FLASH SCALE and comfortable.

Flash Integrated Scale Ball Mount 4inch

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