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Elecbrakes is a trailer mounted electric brake controller, wired directly into the trailers electrical circuit via an easy to use “Plug & Play” adaptor. Elecbrakes draws power from the taillight circuit as well as the brake light circuit ensuring sufficient power is available for up to two braked axles.

When you brake the tow vehicle, a proportional amount of force is applied to the caravan or trailer brakes, ensuring a smooth towing experience


  • Smooth proportional braking
  • Trailer-mounted for multi tow vehicle use
  • ‘Plug & Play’: 10 minute DIY install
  • Australian Made



Do I need a Remote?


The Elecbrakes system can be setup and the settings configured through the use of a free smartphone app available for both Android and iOS. When driving you need to keep the app open at all times so that you can access the manual override button and change settings if needed. Some people prefer to use the remote control instead so they can keep their phone free.

Elecbrake Controller Unit

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