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Charge your batteries and keep your caravan fridge cool at home without using non-complient power leads. 

The new MINI-PLUS replaces the now discontinued MINI-BLU and MINI-BLACK adaptors. The MINIPLUS has overload only protection, making it more widely compatible with older caravans. It is New Zealand’s only weatherproof (indoor/outdoor) caravan adaptor on the market. 

Ampfibian Mini Plus 16 to 10amp House to Caravan Adaptor


    • Connects a 16A caravan/motorhome to a regular 10A power outlet safely and legally

    • Circuit breaker trips when overloaded

    • Meets New Zealand Electrical Standards AS/NZS 3100:2017

    • 1.5mm conductor size

    • Overall length 1.8m

    • Heavy-duty design & construction

    • Securing/hanging loops

    • Designed and Made in Australia

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