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Offroad caravans tried and tested for the harshest environments.

Extraordinary Designs

Offering the most elegant and universal designs, we provide our customers with a variety of extraordinary layouts that you can choose from according to your preferences.


Upgradable Features

Our company produces high-quality caravans that not only include high-tech features and are jam-packed with creature comforts, but all these features can be upgraded according to your needs, including Semi or Full off Road suspension.

Tremendous Variety

Off Road Caravans New Zealand offers a wide variety of caravans that are ideal for the family holidays at a caravan park all the way to off grid adventures.


Unlimited Travel

Don't be limited with where you can go. Unlock off grid campsites and explore what our country has to offer in the comfort of a modern caravan that has the capabilities to suit.


Matt and I are high school sweethearts with 3 young children. Like most people that are interested in exploring the great outdoors, we started camping with a couple of swags, upgraded to a tent and onward and upward as we grew older and started a  family. 

We have rented many many caravans both here in New Zealand and in Australia (we are originally from the Sunshine Coast, QLD). 

When starting Off Road Caravans NZ we had a wealth of knowledge in terms of what type of caravans work for singles / couples and families, what are must-haves and what is less important in a caravan. 

Camping and exploring the great outdoors far and wide is a passion and way of life for our family. With having used many brands of caravans with different layouts etc we felt we had a great idea as to what type of caravans we wanted to offer here in Tauranga and all of New Zealand. With the amount of free camping areas there is here in New Zealand, we saw a huge need for caravans that could actually ‘reach’ a lot of the freedom camping locations. 

We are a friendly, easy going couple and we would love to work with you to reach your dream caravan goals! 

Matt & Courtney - Off Road Caravans New Zealand

About Us
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